About the booking app and booking appointments 


Following registration, all patients will be sent an email giving access to our NHSPH booking app.

As the patient, you are then in control of your care. You can choose the date and time of your initial assessment and after reading the biographies of team members, can choose which clinician you would like to see. This means that you are able to ensure you will not accidentally book in with someone you know – personally or professionally. 

Following the initial assessment, you will then be given access to book follow up appointments and, if appropriate to book in for individual therapy or group sessions.The app also allows you to cancel and reschedule appointments to suit you. 



If you have any problems using the app or finding a suitable appointment please contact the admin team who can assist you with booking: Email: prac.health@nhs.netor call 0300 0303 300

Patients who have registered with the service and have yet to book their initial assessment will be sent an email reminder 2 weeks after registration, with details of how to access the NHSPH booking app to book their initial assessment. A further reminder will be sent,a number of reminders. Patients who do not engage will be discharged from the service. 4 weeks after your initial registration. 


Booking an Appointment

The booking app is really simple to use:

  1. Login/Register to the web or download and register on our app.
  2. Use our “match me” filters of issue, language, treatment type and date/time to find the right clinician/therapist for you by reviewing their biographies.
  3. Book using their calendar of availability to book an appointment at a time convenient to you. Select face to face, video, audio or text. 
  4. Your clinician or therapist will confirm your appointment and you can then have the appointment through our web app on your computer/laptop, tablet or phone, or face to face.
  5. Booking can be the same day if there is availability
  6. You are now ready to go.
  7. If you are not meeting face to face, log in to your account on the web app and your clinician / therapist will call you at the time of the appointment and you simply answer the call on your dashboard.

Standards and Ethics

The first thing you should know is the booking app platform is designed to provide the most secure and confidential service to our users. Our clinicians and therapists follow their recognised professional bodies code of ethics and their professional qualifications and insurance have been thoroughly checked by NHS Practitioner Health.

Further Information

If you would like further information and you cannot find it here or in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page please email us at prac.health@nhs.net or telephone 0300 0303 300 and we will get back to you.