Autism and Asperger’s Resources



Autism Support Network Resources 

The mission of Autism Support Network is conveyed in our tagline: connect, guide and unite.
Our goal is to short-cut the uphill battle individuals and families undertake when faced with autism – whether that means the initial diagnosis, the day-to-day living and coping needed, relationship and therapeutic strategies and the latest information.

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National Autism Society 

We are the UK's largest provider of specialist autism services. Our trained staff and volunteers bring passion and expertise to the lives of 100,000 autistic people every year. In this section, you'll find services directed towards autistic people, parents and carers and professionals.

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Dilemma Consultancy 

Dilemma provides a dedicated coaching service for individuals on the autism spectrum. Our two coaches have specialist training and many years of experience working with adults with an autism spectrum disorder. We work with people in an individualised way, helping them to identify what their needs or goals are and what approaches may be most effective. This might include developing social or communication skills, coping with change, understanding relationships, or managing anxiety and stress. We can also support partners, parents and carers of autistic individuals, including couples and family work.

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Autism Doctor 

Ensure guaranteed provision of accessible healthcare, education (incl. social skills training, learning support & career guidance) & workplace support to every Autism Spectrum Human throughout their lifetime.

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This Doctor Can: The autistic doctor

Blog written by Dr Mary Doherty @autisticdoctor

I’ve always been autistic. I didn’t know this as a child, when I was utterly obsessed with the human body and determined to be a doctor, nor as a young adult struggling through medical school and the training years. How did I get to be a consultant anaesthetist in my mid 40s before anyone realised?

Autistic Doctors 

Autistic Doctors Facebook page  page to connect autistic medical doctors worldwide. Message us here to join the secret group for friendship and peer support.

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