Whilst PH is unable to offer specific bereavement counselling and support, we have included a list of organisations below where you may be able to access this.

Your local mental health and wellbeing hub may also be able to provide you with information about support services local to you:  Click here to access 

Mental illness and suicide: when do we say enough is enough? Given the rise in those who seek help whilst dealing with thoughts of suicide, particularly from GPs and staff in primary care, we conducted a short survey to demonstrate how people are feeling and what the barriers are to staff making their own mental or physical health a priority. To view our report click here 

How to cope when a colleague dies by suicide a 2 page guide of support.

At helps bereaved people find support and wellbeing. Their vision is that no bereaved person in the UK should be left floundering or alone and unable to find support when they need it. The site lists a huge number of organisations and resources available to help. 

 Cruse Bereavement Support  provides support for managing grief

There are also more profession specific services which you could also access for counselling:

BMA Wellbeing counselling service is open 24/7 to all doctors and medical students - by telephone and in person

RCN Counseling service As an RCN member you can get free, confidential support and assistance to help you deal with challenging, emotional issues you may face, whether work related or personal. 

When people have suffered multiple bereavements within a short space of time or if their grief does not lift after a few months then further treatment and support may well be needed, and we would then advise that you access our service.

Supporting mental health staff following the death of a patient by suicide A prevention and postvention framework.

NHS England Bereavement support provides bereavement support for staff who have experienced loss through their work:

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has a lot of very helpful information with links to help support and advice services:

Cruse Bereavement Care Cruse Bereavement Care offers free information and advice to anyone who has been affected by a death.

London Bereavement Forum  London Bereavement Network (LBN) is a forum for bereavement services throughout the Greater London area.

The Society for Relief of Widows and Orphans of Medical  The Society assists necessitous widows, widowers, orphans and dependants of doctors in times of hardship.

Counselling Directory Counselling Directory is a confidential service that encourages those in distress to seek help. The directory contains information on many different types of distress, as well as articles, news, and events.

National suicide bereavement report  From Grief to Hope report.

Key resources for those bereaved or affected by suicide Key resources that we think you will find helpful are listed under three categories (you may be interested in more than one category). This is not an exhaustive list, but it will enable you to identify key organisations and documents that can guide, support and signpost you.

Guidelines on suicide amongst anaesthetists 2019

The aims of the following guidelines are: increase awareness of suicide and associated vulnerabilities, risk factors and precipitants; to emphasise safe ways to respond to individuals in distress, both for them and for colleagues working alongside them; and to support individuals, departments and organisations in coping with a suicide

Link to report click here 

The Diary of Dr. Sharon McDonnell (My Personal Experience of Being Bereaved by Suicide) -  click here 

Dr. Sharon McDonnell, Managing Director of Suicide Bereavement UK  and Shirley Smith Founder of If U Care Share Foundation and member of Support After Suicide Partnership were interviewed by BBC News.

View here 

Please see link to how to notify agencies/organisations when someone has died click here