Care during Covid-19 - Lockdown 2.0

If we thought the last six months were tough as we saw the rise in Covid infections and the impact on all of us working in healthcare, the months ahead look to be even more challenging. With the second wave bringing a second lockdown, winter pressures for hospitals and GP surgeries and now potentially a huge logistical challenge to ensure those that need and want a vaccine will have access to it, no wonder so many of us feel overwhelmed, exhausted and lacking motivation. If this chimes with you, you are not alone.

 For NHSPH we have seen our two busiest months in September and October, and our two busiest weeks in the last fortnight with new registrations increasing day by day. In October we had 371 new registrations compared to 184 in April. The word cloud below gives just a flavour of the issues that doctors and dentists are highlighting on their registration forms.


NHS PH is also continuing to provide a huge range of support in a variety of different ways. For the last month, we have been running a series of webinars on the theme of Caring during Covid, Caring for you. Over 500 people joined these events last month with topics on “Making the most of your time off” and “Beating Burnout”. If you missed these they are available on our website, and more events are coming up during November and December around mindfulness, as well as managing relationships as a parent and as an adult. We have some fabulous speakers so don’t miss these with lots of top tips to help you take care of yourself and those around you as we enter the challenging period of Christmas with Covid. All details are on our website.

Our Covid support groups are also running at capacity – these are for individuals whose mental health and wellbeing have particularly suffered as a result of Covid – and we hope to get more groups going soon. We will also be working with NHS England to re-start the Culturally diverse online discussion rooms from the beginning of December and these will run several times a week.

If you are struggling, or you know someone who is please do point them in our direction – we have appointments available with our clinicians and therapists across England and a huge range of resources, support groups and online events to help. If you think we are missing something please do let us know!