Covid-19 Workforce Wellbeing Videos


Sky news, Dr Clare Gerada - Mental Health of Health Professionals 

Dr Clare Gerada - World Suicide Prevention Day Q&A

BBC Breakfast with Dr Clare Gerada

BBC Breakfast with Dr Caroline Walker 

COVID-19 Supporting Doctors: How to manage our stress and anxiety through the crisis

Dr Caroline Walker and Dr Rachel Morris

COVID-19 and doctors feeling guilty

Dr Caroline Walker

COVID-19 and doctors returning to work

Dr Caroline Walker

COVID-19 and sleep disturbances among doctors

Dr Caroline Walker

COVID-19 and mental health impact on doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Dr Caroline Walker
Top tips from a panel of experts on how to take care of yourself at this time - watch the video as 6 experts share their ideas and experiences. Take home messages – know your boundaries, stay connected and take time for a recharge.

Wellbeing - NHS staff wellbeing during Covid -19

Dr Michael Davey

Time to Talk - Inroduction 

Fella Orlean-Taub and Denise Hurst Hastings

Identity and Resilience Group 

Therapist: Simon Lyne and Shelia Jones 




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