Dyslexia Action  Dyslexia Action is a national charity and the UK’s leading provider of services and support for people with dyslexia and literacy difficulties

Guide to Overcoming Dyslexia Online Resource Guide.

Disabled Living Foundation Helpline  A national charity that provides free, impartial advice about all types of disability equipment and mobility products for older and disabled people, their carers and families.

DIAL UK (Disability Information and Advice Line)  DIAL UK is a national organisation for a network of approximately 130 local disability information and advice services run by and for disabled people.

Deaf Professionals Network  This group provides an opportunity to network to share experiences. The website is primarily for d/Deaf Professionals who live in and around London.

British Dyslexia Association  The BDA is the voice of dyslexic people. Our vision is that of a dyslexia friendly society that enables dyslexic people to reach their potential.

Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Loss  AMPHL provides information, promotes advocacy and mentorship, and creates a network for individuals with hearing loss interested in or working in health care fields.

Association of Disabled Professionals  Drawing on the expertise of disabled professionals to improve the educational and employment opportunities of disabled people.

Tardive Dyskinesia Center  Provides educational information on tardive dyskinesia, a rare movement disorder caused primarily by prescription medications.