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The Trainee Doctors & Dentist Support Service (TDDSS) is a psychoeducation and support service which aims to offer a range of interventions to support trainees on programmes managed by HEE Local Offices in London & the South East.

The service is delivered as part of the PHP+ programme of work, hosted by the NHS Practitioner Health Programme.  TDDSS is not commissioned to provide care to doctors or dentists who are unwell or suffering from current mental health concerns. If you are unwell then you will need to contact your GP or work place occupational health, or where eligible you may also access the NHS Practitioner Health Programme (www.php.nhs.uk) or NHS GP Health service (www.gphealth.nhs.uk)

Our team are experienced in supporting doctors and dentists at all stages of their training, understand the environment in which you work and are able to assess and design a support programme to meet your individual needs.

The service is confidential and information relating to your individual situation will not be shared with HEE.

How to access the service:

Please complete the online registration form, together with the wellbeing questionnaire. You will then be contacted to arrange a time for a short introductory call. We will then give you access to our smartphone app which will enable you to book an assessment appointment.

What can this service offer?

Following your self-referral, you will be contacted by a clinician for a brief telephone discussion to assess your suitability for the service, and answer any questions you may have. This may last up to 15 minutes.

If you and the clinician agree that TDDSS would be a suitable service for you, you will be invited to participate in a longer face to face or telephone assessment. Face to face assessment will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Brunswick Centre near Russell Square in central London.

Following this assessment you may be offered one of the following:

  • Access to online CBT support tools
  • Drop in peer support/reflective practice group
  • Access to psychoeducational groups e.g. Mindfulness programme
  • Access to a topic based event, such as a ‘stress and examinations’ event, which will be held across London and the South East

You may also be offered further follow up sessions with your assessing clinician (capped at a maximum of 4 sessions)

We may also be able to offer help, advice and signposting around issues such as alcohol or substance misuse and other helpful coping strategies.

Please note:

This service has been commissioned by Health Education England and is available to trainees on programmes managed by HEE Local Offices in London & the South East.  A trainee who leaves a L&SE managed programme will no longer have access to sessions/programmes.


Dr Toolbox – a useful tool for any trainee starting a new role

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Dr Toolbox is a collaborative local knowledge resource. The site helps clinicians in training retain local knowledge and pass it onto their successors. Information on each NHS organisation includes a collection of survival guides and other information that will help you as you enter your new workplace.