Live Outside London?

Please do call us to discuss and we will be able to offer you some advice and signposting on how to access the support you need

  • If you live outside of London, it is possible for you to access PHP
  • Any Doctor or Dentist can request a referral from their own GP
  • If you don’t have a GP or have concerns about speaking to them please call us to discuss

Any patient in England has the legal right to choose their provider of care (if provider is recognised as an NHS provider) and so any doctor or dentist can request a referral from their GP.

PHP will provide an assessment and discuss a proposed treatment plan with you. If treatment can be provided within PHP then care can be initiated, however please note that if treatment requires input from external provider we will need to discuss this with your GP and agree a referral route.


Doctors and dentists from other areas of the UK

Currently we do not have contractual arrangements in place for other areas of the UK but please do call us and we may be able to offer advice or signpost in your area.

UK wide
BMA counselling service 

You don’t need to be a member to access this and they can offer up to 6 telephone/video sessions with a BACP therapist

Tel: 0330 123 1245 – Available 24/7


England – Access to psychological therapies

Any patient in England registered with an NHS GP can access confidential talking therapies in a local service. Your GP will not be informed without your consent and there is no charge for this service.


Wales - Help for Health Professionals  

A helpline which offers face-to-face counselling service for all doctors in Wales. It provides doctors with access to a BABCP (British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies) accredited therapists in their area. This service is confidential and is fully funded for doctors in Wales by the Welsh Government

Tel: 0800 058 2738 – 9am -5pm


Please see our resources for other sources of support and help


Please note – The NHS PHP is a free service to all practitioner patients.  We do not see private patients.