National Support Groups

Doctor's Support Network (DSN)

DSN is a confidential peer support network for doctors and medical students with concerns about their mental health.  We aim to raise awareness, reduce stigma and influence the agenda regarding physician health.


Hope 4 Medics (Help in Obtaining Professional Equality)

This is an online support group for doctors with disabilities providing support in distress, advice about seeking help and thinking about career options. Site is still under refurbishment.



Doctors Support Group

The group aims to provide support and assistance for medical professionals facing suspension, exclusion, investigation of complaints and/or allegations of professional misconduct. Monthly meetings based in London but attendees come from across UK.


British Doctors and Dentists Group

A support society for doctors and dentists who are recovering, or wish to recover, from addiction/dependency on alcohol or other drugs. The confidentially of all group members is strictly retained. Regular meeting groups in Scotland, Wales and England. The BDDG also has family groups to support the loved ones of the sick doctor or dentist


For family groups: via the national secretary or on 07850125119


Sick Doctors Trust (for those with dependency problems)

Confidential support service for doctors concerned about their use of drugs or alcohol. Telephone advice line 24/ 7 and is available to friends, family and colleagues as well as an individual requiring support.

Contact: 0370 444 5163


The Couch 

The doctor needs to register with but this ensures that only genuine UK doctors can gain access. There is a forum "The Couch" for mutual support and advice, and the option of anonymous posting for delicate issues. The Couch also carries a long list of doctors around the UK happy to help others in distress.



Tea & Empathy Facebook group

National, informal, peer-to-peer network for healthcare professionals in the NHS. The aim is to foster an atmosphere of kindness and support where they can all offer an empathic ear to anyone struggling, signposting on to further help if needed. They have certain closed groups for healthcare staff with addiction problems and closed groups for consultants. They also have regional on-line groups which sometimes meet.


Physician Burnout blog 

This is a blog set up recently by one of our regional clinical leads, Dr Kate Little. It is a resource for doctors who are feeling fed-up, stressed, anxious, depressed or burnt-out. Shared stories and information on where to turn to if you feel in need of help can be found here.