NHS mental health and wellbeing hubs 


The NHS is supporting staff who have pushed their minds and bodies to the limit over the last year to look after their mental health, as 40 dedicated support hubs are now open across the country.

The staff mental health and wellbeing hubs have been set up to provide healthcare colleagues rapid access to local evidence-based mental health services and support where needed. The hub offer is confidential and free of charge for all healthcare staff. The staff mental health and wellbeing hubs can offer you a clinical assessment and supported referral to the support that you need, such as talking therapy or counselling. It is separate and confidential from your organisation. It is open to all healthcare staff, from all services and settings regardless of whether you are dealing directly with COVID-19 patients or not. You can self-refer or refer a colleague (with their consent).

How to access mental health hubs.


London hubs click here

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