NHS PH Statement Against Racism           


The events of the last few weeks following the aftermath of the murders (of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor), may well have been a tipping point in terms of acknowledging racism and the inequality this causes in many areas of personal and professional life.  As a mental health service, we recognise the impact that racism can have on the mental wellbeing of our patients and on the NHS workforce as a whole.

Practitioner Health supports the drive for equality and pledges to take steps to challenge our own behaviours and how these contribute to the endemic racism we see. We want your help in this and together promise that:

  1. We will talk honestly and openly about issues relating to race and racism with our staff, our patients, and our stakeholders.
  2. We will challenge, no matter how uncomfortable, comments or behaviours which discriminate against people based on the colour of their skin or ethnic group.
  3. As we develop new services, policies or implement changes we will review each time to ensure these are equitable and fair, and they do not negatively impact on any person of colour.
  4. We will advocate for our Black Asian Minority Ethnic patients where we see injustice or inequity in the health system, raise awareness of unfair policies or systems and challenge these.
  5. We will continue to listen and learn from our colleagues and patients as we seek to grow in our knowledge and to put these words into action.