NHS Practitioner Health Mental Wellbeing App and Online Wellbeing Self-Assessment




NHS Practitioner Health has produced a fully customised mental wellbeing app tailored to the needs of our patients. This will enable you to monitor and track your own wellbeing and identify areas where you might need some additional support.

Through the app you will gain access to customised content curated by NHS Practitioner Health, including self-care information, links to useful resources, other relevant organisations and weekly mental fitness reports and podcasts.

Health and wellbeing at your fingertips - NHS Practitioner Health Mental Wellbeing App

Our focus is to help you improve your mental wellbeing whilst maintaining absolute privacy and trust. We are working in collaboration with 87% and their team of experts to develop this app for use by patients and service users.

The app is now available to any member of the Primary Care Team. You can register for the app using the access code PC2022 and you will then be sent joining details.



Online Wellbeing Self-Assessment

Image shows banner which reads practitioner health launches the 87% web wellbeing assessment with an image of the website

All health and care professionals now have access to our confidential mental fitness assessment with immediate results and feedback, including a breakdown of scores across 7 dimensions of wellbeing, certified by clinical psychologists. Users will receive personalised recommendations, including signposting to existing company benefits, which complement the range of services available in the 87% Mental Fitness App.

Recommendations for wellbeing improvement across NHS Practitioner Health will seek to improve psychological safety for all employees.

Use access code: PH6X2