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Research is essential to us to be able to understand which treatments work better for patients, develop new ways of delivering our service and to demonstrate the outcomes and impact we are having when we provide care. We work with researchers through our consortium and with our European provider network to help understand how practitioner health services can improve the mental health and wellbeing of the workforce.

If you are interested in working with us on a research topic please read our research guidelines and considering joining our consortium or European network.

Research guidelines 


A study to identify working conditions and work cultures associated with psychological distress and suicidality among junior doctors working in the NHS.

We are supporting a study carried out by medical research colleagues at a group of universities into the contribution of working conditions to psychological distress, self harm and suicidality in junior hospital doctors. This is a qualitative interview based study with good back up in place in case any difficult issues arise. 

Eligible doctors are junior doctors working in NHS hospital settings from foundation up to but not including consultant or associate specialist/trust grades. GP registrars currently working in/or within 6 months of working in hospital posts would be eligible, but not GP registrars or salaried/principal GPs now established in primary care.

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