Support Services & Access to Therapy 

Please see a list of support services, will continue to update this page with other services that can help you at this time.


BMA Wellbeing Service 

If you are suffering with your mental wellbeing/anxiety related to the current situation and the high number of “unknowns”. This is a perfectly normal reaction to what is going on and we would encourage doctors in this situation to access the BMA Wellbeing service 0330 123 1245. This is a completely confidential helpline which can also offer same day access to a counsellor and/or peer support. Doctors do not need to be a member of the BMA and it is also available to families of doctors. 

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BDA Wellbeing  Support Service 

Dentists facing similar anxieties should call the BDA Wellbeing Support Service available 24/7 on 0800 030 5182 For further information about this service see:

For dentists please see the BDA advice page.  Click here 


Pharmacist Support

During this difficult time, we want to help you protect your #mentalhealth & #wellbeing. It’s hard to think about yourself right now, but it’s crucial. So we’ve created some new #wellbeing tips to help you through self-isolation & working on frontline: Follow @pharmasupport

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The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC)

At The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC), we’re passionate about caring for the mental, physical and financial wellbeing of those who care for us. Because they care, we care. Supporting the ambulance community during times of need.

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Practical Support 

National Health Supporters is a network of healthcare students around the country, who aim to assist with the needs of NHS staff to alleviate pressures on them including, but not exclusive to, childcare, grocery shopping and pet sitting during these difficult times.  For more information  Click here 









Wellcome trust have built an official respite centre for local NHS staff responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.It will see the ground floor of the Gibbs Building, 215 Euston Road, temporarily adapted for healthcare workers, offering a safe space for them to:

  • have a change of scene from the hospital
  • have a nap
  • eat and drink 
  • get psychological health and wellbeing support

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Free mental health and well-being service for the NHS workforce  

Project5 will give NHS staff access to free one-to-one support sessions with either accredited clinical psychologists, mental health experts or coaches, via an online booking system.

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Free therapy sessions for NHS workers from Harley Therapy

Free therapy sessions for NHS workers from qualified therapists at Harley Therapy With over 250 five star reviews, Harley Therapy is the place to book psychotherapy and counselling with the UK's top therapists.

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Beat COVID: Get Prepared 

A campaign put together by NHS front line staff, who have generously volunteered their time. Beat COVID: Get Prepared is an online platform designed to help healthcare workers keep a healthy mind and body during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are daily content from expert contributors who have kindly volunteered their time, many of whom are BMA members. It is a collection of Mindfulness, Home workouts, Yoga sequences, Sleep tips and Nutrition advice, all geared towards quarantine and COVID related issues.

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Bridge4 Exercise with Physios 

Enjoy the health benefits of safe, science-based exercise for free!

Bridge4 is a unique health and fitness studio based at Birstall, Leicestershire. Everything they do is guided by science and led by physiotherapists. Because the studio is closed due to Covid-19, their specialist exercise physiotherapists have created a number of live online classes, via Zoom, to help everyone exercise during this difficult period. Whatever your level, there is a class for you to join. Their on-screen expert physios will keep your body moving!

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Access to Therapy therapists are offering free sessions to NHS staff at this time. All therapists have been verified and are members of their appropriate professional bodies. Click here


The Relational School An online psychological support plan for all NHS staff involved in the current COVID-19 crisis

The Relational School is a group of counsellors and psychotherapists who have joined forces to offer free of charge psychological support to doctors, nurses, all other NHS staff who are engaged in the front line whilst facing the challenging realities of the COVID-19 crisis. Please follow link Click here


Duty to Care 

Duty To Care provides access for NHS workers to free online sessions to improve and sustain mental health and wellbeing. Simply by registering with your NHS email on the Duty To Care website you will have access to instant help and support from CBT therapists; Psychotherapists; Mindfulness teachers; Meditation experts; Breath-work experts; Homeopaths; Immunologists; Nutrition coaches; Hypnotherapists and Healers. Duty To Care are covering all costs through fundraising. Click here 



The Help Hub - for families & friends 

The Help Hub has been set up to support members of the public who may need someone to talk to or listen to them at what is an anxious time for all of us. The network of therapists are aiming to provide a free service for as many people as possible by listening, supporting and helping where they can. This may be particularly useful if your family or friends are expressing anxieties and need someone to discuss these with, other than you.

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Heather Wellbeing - Free Therapy & Wellbeing Support

Heather Wellbeing is providing free mental health and wellbeing support to NHS frontline staff fighting COVID-19. 

Therapy is provided online and over the phone through Heather’s network of professional psychotherapists that are volunteering for this initiative. There are already over 200 fully qualified psychotherapists registered and ready to help. 

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Resilient Practice 

Resilient Practice' was formed to raise awareness of the importance of personal resilience in modern life. We will show you how to measure your current resilience with our Resilience Gap Analysis and provide you with the opportunity to improve your self-awareness. You will learn about a range of practical skills from which you can create your own bespoke resilience toolkit. 

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Body and Soul - Therapeutic Support 

Body & Soul is an award-winning charity that provides therapeutic support for people who have experienced complex trauma – bereavement, sexual abuse, life-threatening illness, domestic violence etc.  We have 100-plus fully-qualified psychotherapists offering FREE telephone sessions with ‘any NHS worker and close family’ who feels overwhelmed.  It’s really easy to book on your phone.  You’ll also have access to resources for children as well as follow-up psychological support down the line, should you need it.

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Resilient Practice Welcomes You




With You in Mind

Consultations in Crisis is a service offering support sessions to NHS and Social Care staff. Whether about professional or personal matters, or your situation at work, we want to do what we can to help and we hope that the opportunity to talk may offer some relief and support. We can also support reflective practice activities.

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We are also producing podcasts. The first episode, Trying to Humanise an Alien Environment  with Marcus Evans, is now available. Listen here 



Keylink is an alliance of 100 +  qualified, registered and vetted counsellors and psychotherapists, gratefully offering their services free of charge, to support NHS and keyworker sector personnel, working during the pressures of Covid-19. For information and to register

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trn (trauma response network)

TRN is a registered charity which provides free and anonymous trauma support by qualified EMDR therapists. TRN is endorsed and supported by the EMDR Association UK. We are currently offering FREE therapy to support people online suffering from acute anxiety or PTSD due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

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Reiki Medic-Care

Reiki Medic-Care is funded by the Reiki Healthcare Research Trust; an organisation set up to integrate Reiki with healthcare and conduct research at the same time. Medics can press the “Medic Sign Up” button to register and choose when they would like to receive distance Reiki, at times that suit them.