Dr Richard Duggins

Dr Richard Duggins

Gender: Male

Dr Richard Duggins is a Consultant Medical Psychotherapist, and Clinical Lead of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Services in Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust. He is dual trained, holding a CCST in General Psychiatry and a CCT in Psychotherapy, and he is an accredited psychoanalytic psychotherapist, interpersonal psychotherapist (IPT) and dynamic interpersonal psychotherapist (DIT).

He has over ten years’ experience within specialised services for doctors, leading both House Concern and Practitioner Health North East. He contributed to the Health for Health Professionals competency trainings for the RCGP and RCPsych, and has assisted the GMC and NHS England in developments related to doctors’ health.

He is an appraiser, mentor, accredited Balint Leader, and Schwartz Round Clinical Lead.

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