Dr Zaid Al-Najjar and PH Service 

It’s been 52 weeks since I landed on the doorstep of PHP and I wanted to express my gratitude to you and the service today.

I was in the darkest place this time a year ago, 13 months ago I thought that I had no option but to live out the rest of my days on tramadol. Addiction crept up on me and placed me in the darkest and most isolated place. I was no longer able to feel real emotions and was confused as to why I needed a drug to function but so scared to face living without a drug. Deep down I knew I was an addict but I would never have had the courage to admit it openly. 

I was so sad that I couldn’t enjoy my children as other mothers appeared to be and wondered why I needed a drug to give me the energy to keep up with them. I thought that if I took on a full time job that could pay me well at least I’d be able to monetarily provide for my children and give them a good nanny in place of me as I knew there was something dead inside of me. 

PHP gave me the greatest gift of being able to feel and be real again. Sorry I know this sounds cliche and corny but it has truly been my story. 

After going to many meetings I have learnt to accept the reality that it is easily possible to fall into the trap of addiction again (whatever substance it maybe). I live in constant fear of this, or have a much greater fear that my children could ever fall into it in years to come. I will just have to take one day at a time.

But today I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you Zaid. Right from the get go you treated me in a calm and sensitive way, you gave me a fair chance without judgement, you were always approachable but yet incredibly professional. 

Thank you thank you thank you Zaid and to all at PHP!

Simon Lyne PH Therapist 

Simon Lyne is an amazing therapist have helped me through a rough time and I will always be so grateful to him. Also make me reallise there is so much underlying problems that I had to deal with them first. 
Thank you so much Simon!!! You are earth Angel!