The Wounded Healer in times of COVID: looking after each other through adversity

This conference was a collaboration between NHS PH (Practitioner Health) and the BMA which will address the health and wellbeing of the health care workforce in the context of COVID-19.

Chaired by Dr Clare Gerada NHSPH medical director and Dr David Wrigley BMA deputy chair, the conference will explore the impact of pandemics on the mental health and wellbeing of health care staff. By discussing the global impacts of the pandemic, and bringing together a vibrant community of professionals, we will share lessons learned and collaborate to build a vision moving forward post-COVID-19.

Please take a read of The Wounded Healer in times of COVID: looking after each other through adversity report.  click here

Key note speakers:

  • Mark Honigsbaum, City University lecturer in journalism and author of ‘The Pandemic Century’. 
  • Professor Neil Greenberg, King’s College London
  • Professor Michael Myers, SUNY Downstate University, New York
  • Anna Soubry, party leader of Change UK.

Breakout sessions covering:

  • Moral injury
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Post-traumatic stress symptoms
  • Psychological defences
  • Protecting our colleagues.

Plenary sessions

Welcome and introduction

Dr Clare Gerada and Dr David Wrigley

The Pandemic Century

Mark Honigsbaum  

The international perspective: the Barcelona experience

Dr Gustavo Tolchinsky

Protecting healthcare staff’s mental health

Professor Neil Greenberg 

Panel session: learning from COVID-19

Dr Clare Gerada, Dr David Wrigley, Dr Simon Wessley, Anna Soubry and Dr Mike Myers



Breakout sessions 

Bereavement and loss

Dr Eleanor Colet and Dr Claire Gallagher

Moral injury

Professor Neil Greenberg

Protecting our colleagues: BAME doctors and IMGs

Professor JS Bamrah

Protecting our colleagues: junior doctors

Dr Josie Cheetham

Protecting our colleagues: retired doctors returning to work

Professor Maureen Baker

Survival and psychological defences employed

Dr Jo Stubley

Rainbows: responses and representations over time  to the trauma of COVID-19

Ms Jennifer Davids