Webinars and Podcasts

Please find the latest webinars and podcasts, on managing your mental health and wellbeing during Covid-19.


Taking a break from COVID-19

Dr Helen Garr, Dr Caroline Walker & Dr Rachel Morris 

Beating Burnout 

Dr Sarah Goulding 

Managing stress and anxiety during COVID-19 - how to thrive during a pandemic

Hosted by Dr Caroline Walker and Dr Rachel Morris -  August 2020

Beneath The White Coat Book Launch 

Dame Clare Gerada 

The Wounded Healer in times of COVID-19 - supporting each other through adversity.

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Self-Care for Professionals: Looking after the Workforce (part 1) self-care slides 

Hosted by Dr Andrew Tresidder - August 2020

CBT for Insomnia 

Hosted by Dr Ishi Bains and Dr Arun Hansi

Building and maintaining psychological resilience at work - a proactive approach

Hosted by Professor Almuth McDowall - May 2020

Covid-19 Cyberchondria Fuelling Anxiety through Surfing the Web, Social Media Use and News Consumption

Hosted by Professor Marcantonio Spada - May 2020

RSM COVID-19 Series | The mental health of NHS staff 

Hosted by Adam Kay and Dr Clare Gerada - May 2020

GPs Returning to the Workplace

In conversation with Professor Amanda Howe (RCGP) and Dr Clare Gerada Medical Director or (NHSPH)  - May 2020

Morale and wellbeing in the Healthcare Workforce

Dr. Clare GeradaDr. Clare Warrell and Mr. Chris Peters - April 2020


How to Avoid Burn Out

Hosted by -  Dr Michael Davey - April 2020

Emotional Regualtion In Time of Stress

Hosted by - Nati Beltran - April 2020

Doctor's Workforce Wellbeing 

Dr Clare Gerada, Lucy Warner, Richard Jones and Dr Caroline Walker - April 2020

Adaptation Practice: How to cope with emotions, moods & feelings

Dr Clive Sherlock - April 2020

Going Back to Our Roots

Professor Almuth McDowall and Dr Kevin Teoh - April 2020

Emotional Resilience for NHS Staff

Psychotherapist Janet Williams - April 2020

Managing Fatigue in the Workplace

Consultant Robert Bridger

Managing Anxiety and the Fear of the Unknown 

Dr Lavanya Dua - April 2020


Managing Anxiety and Stress Covid-19

 Dr Clare Gerada & Mr Richard Jones 

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COVID-19 and Parenting as a doctor 

Dr Caroline Walker and Dr Vica Khromova 

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Coronavirus Diaries 

Lewis Costello

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Mental Wellbeing for Doctors 

Dr Pallavi Bradshaw and Dr Zaid Al-Najjar 

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The Role of Uncertainty in Anxiety 

Mr Richard Jones

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Physical & psychological threats: a confusing reality. The impact of COVID in mental health settings’, with

Mr Marcus Evans psyc 

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