Wellbeing Webinars 

Please find the latest webinars and podcasts, on managing your mental health and wellbeing during Covid-19.


Taking Care of your Social Needs

Nicole Burska

Working agile without becoming physically & mentally fragile

Anna Reddy founder of Leap Health and Michale Quigley founder of Kataholos

The Wounded Healer Book Club | 'How to Rise: A Complete Resilience Manual 

Authors Dr Karen Forshaw, Chrissie Mowbray, Hosted by Dr Richard Duggins, NHS PH  & Ann Paul, Doctors in Distress

The Wounded Healer Book Club | 'Breathtaking'

Author Dr Rachel Clarke, Hosted by Dr Richard Duggins, NHS PH  & Ann Paul, Doctors in Distress

Let's Talk Men's Mental Health 

Dr Andrew Tresidder and Dr wendy Molefi 

Nature Nurtures the Soul

Dr Andrew Tresidder

The NHS also needs fuel as a mental health tool

Anna Reddy - Leap Health

Bullying and Harassment in healthcare organisations 

Dr Adam Harrison

Live sleep session and Q&A from Sleepio

Prof Colin Espie and Dr Dimitri Gavriloff from Sleepio

60 minute practice of Wellbeing, Resilience & Self Care Techniques for NHS Workers

Vanessa Taylor 

A Beginner's Mind - A practical mindfulness session 

Dr Wendy Molefi

Restore Your Resilience 

Dr Karen Shaw and Chrissie Mowbray 

Permission to Thrive

Dr Katya Miles 

Empower Your Wellbeing in 2021 

Dr Amrita Sen  Mukherjee

Love and Lockdown 

Dr Helen Eades

The 4  Essentials of Balanced Parenting 

Dr Victoria Khromova

Let Your Breath Catch You - Practical Mindfulness Session

Dr Wendy Molefi

Am I Drinking Too Much

Dr Jane Marshal and Rory O'Connor

Taking a break from COVID-19

Dr Helen Garr, Dr Caroline Walker & Dr Rachel Morris 

Beating Burnout 

Dr Sarah Goulding 

Managing stress and anxiety during COVID-19 - how to thrive during a pandemic

Hosted by Dr Caroline Walker and Dr Rachel Morris -  August 2020

Beneath The White Coat Book Launch 

Dame Clare Gerada 

The Wounded Healer in times of COVID-19 - supporting each other through adversity.

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Self-Care for Professionals: Looking after the Workforce (part 1) self-care slides 

Hosted by Dr Andrew Tresidder - August 2020

CBT for Insomnia 

Hosted by Dr Ishi Bains and Dr Arun Hansi

Building and maintaining psychological resilience at work - a proactive approach

Hosted by Professor Almuth McDowall - May 2020

Covid-19 Cyberchondria Fuelling Anxiety through Surfing the Web, Social Media Use and News Consumption

Hosted by Professor Marcantonio Spada - May 2020

RSM COVID-19 Series | The mental health of NHS staff 

Hosted by Adam Kay and Dr Clare Gerada - May 2020

GPs Returning to the Workplace

In conversation with Professor Amanda Howe (RCGP) and Dr Clare Gerada Medical Director or (NHSPH)  - May 2020

Morale and wellbeing in the Healthcare Workforce

Dr. Clare GeradaDr. Clare Warrell and Mr. Chris Peters - April 2020


How to Avoid Burn Out

Hosted by -  Dr Michael Davey - April 2020

Emotional Regulation In Time of Stress

Hosted by - Nati Beltran - April 2020

Doctor's Workforce Wellbeing 

Dr Clare Gerada, Lucy Warner, Richard Jones and Dr Caroline Walker - April 2020

Adaptation Practice: How to cope with emotions, moods & feelings

Dr Clive Sherlock - April 2020

Going Back to Our Roots

Professor Almuth McDowall and Dr Kevin Teoh - April 2020

Emotional Resilience for NHS Staff

Psychotherapist Janet Williams - April 2020

Managing Fatigue in the Workplace

Consultant Robert Bridger

Managing Anxiety and the Fear of the Unknown 

Dr Lavanya Dua - April 2020

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