Workforce Wellbeing Resources

Please see a list of resources will continue to update this page with more resources that can help you at this time.


Dr Andrew Tresidder: Health and Self-Care | Inner Balance for an Effective Life

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Louise Freeman (BMA): Disability: the fight for reasonable adjustments

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Dame Clare Gerada: Psychological PPE' is what Britain's health professionals urgently need now.

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Dr Clare Gerada: Bracing for the second wave

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Top tips: coping with anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Dr Clare Gerada and Dr Caroline Walker - We need time and space to grieve during covid-19 - June 2020

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Dr Clare Gerada The BMJ - Some good must come out of covid-19 - May 2020

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The BMJ - Balint groups could be one way to prevent burnout during covid-19 - May 2020

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Dr Clare Gerada - The BMJ Covid fatigue is taking an enormous toll on healthcare workers May 2020

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Dr Clare Gerada - The BMJ Covid-19: channelling our emotions during the current crisis April 2020

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Webinar: expert session on doctors’ wellbeing

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The BMJ Opinion - Covid-19: channelling our emotions during the current crisis 

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NHS in Mind 

NHS in Mind' is a free platform containing 8 easy-to-access, short interventions to help NHS staff alleviate and combat high anxiety, panic and fatigue at this time. 

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Mindfulness Practices 

Please use the following link to access free mindfulness practices and resources.

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Psychology Tools

Psychology Tools has put together the following page to collate links to resources which might assist clinical practice during the current global health crisis.

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World Health Orgainsation (WHO)

Advice on  Mental Health and Psychosocial Considerations During COVID-19 Outbreak 12th March 2020. This offers guidance for different population groups relating to their psychosocial needs:Mental Health and Psychosocial Consideration pdf

Sustaining Wellbeing 

Advice from the Intensive Care Society on managing the needs of staff at different phases: Sustaing Wellbeing COVID-19

The Conversation

How to stop the anxiety spiraling out of control please follow the  link.

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MIND Wellbeing 

Advice from MIND regarding personal wellbeing to deal with anxiety and isolation please follow the  link.

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BMJ Blog 

Self care during CV19 pandemic please follow the  link.

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Quality Improvement Zone

The Quality Improvement Zone is brought to you by the NHS Education for Scotland Quality Improvement team.
In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, members from cohort 12 of the Scottish Quality Safety Fellowship, with Hazel White from Open Change, have created visuals on two key topics which they hope are of benefit to others.

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Living with worry and anxiety amidst global  uncertainty

At Psychology Tools we have put together this free guide to help you to manage your worry and anxiety in these uncertain times, by Dr Matthew Whalley & Dr Hardeep Kaur.

 Living with worry and anxiety amidst global  uncertainty

Addressing Mental health and the psychosocial aspects of Covid-19 outbreak  

MHPSS Covid-19 outbreak

Looking after yourself during COVID-19: advice for healthcare workers

Advice for healthcare workers 

Psychological resilience  through the pandemic

Resilience through the Pandemic

The British Psychological Society has developed guidance for managers and clinical leaders on how to support staff during Covid

Protecting psychological wellbeing of healthcare during staff covid-19

Maudsley Learning

Mental Health and Covid-19 online resources provided by clinical experts. For more information click here 

The WorkWell Doctors

The WorkWell Doctors have developed a series of notecards providing tips and resources to support emotions and lifestyle during Covid19.

Please see examples and links to Notecards below.

Anxiety, Change, Connection, Exercise, Frustration, Guilt, Moral Injury, Nutrition, Sleep, Uncertainty 

Guide to Tax Debt and Mental Health

Understanding the impact of debt to mental health - the different kinds of debt (e.g. tax debt) and how they can be a key source of stress, depression, and anxiety if not planned and managed properly. Advice for dealing with debt such as setting up a Debt Management Plan or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), qualifying for a Debt Relief Order (DRO), or even filing bankruptcy to get some protection and keep life essentials like pension savings safe from creditors.

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