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Doctors in Distress is an independent charity registered in England and Wales and in Scotland.

Doctors in Distress aims to promote and protect the mental health of all health workers in the UK and to prevent suicide. Our objectives are to reduce the stigma around mental health in the medical workforce; to promote a duty of care by employers for the mental wellbeing of their staff and to develop and provide initiatives and interventions to promote and protect the mental health of all medical professionals.

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Our programmes, delivered through Doctors in Distress or Reflective Spaces, bring people together to support one another in a number of different ways including educational webinars, facilitated peer support groups and groups using creativity such as writing or photography.

Dame Clare Gerada is the Chair of the Trustee board which includes a number of eminent medical professionals as well as leaders in business and political fields. The board and team are committed to work to change the culture in the NHS so that selfcare is fully normalised and time is allowed for reflection and recovery, in the knowledge that this will contribute to an improved retention and fewer staff vacancies.

As Doctors in Distress does not receive any government or NHS funding, we rely on voluntary contributions as well as corporate partnerships and would, therefore, be very grateful to receive donations, both one-off and monthly.

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