Patient and Volunteer Group




Are you a current or recent patient of Practitioner Health? Would you be interested in joining our PPG and helping to shape services for the future?

The Practitioner Health Patient Participation Group is the forum where we meet to discuss, reflect and advise on mental health treatment, psycho-educational support and wellbeing services for health professionals delivered through NHS Practitioner Health. 

We aim to bring together people with experience of receiving treatment and support to provide a voice in development of NHS Practitioner Health services.

A group meeting

Our active group meet monthly (online) and help ensure that we deliver services with a patient focus and enable us to represent their views to stakeholders. The group gets involved in activities around communications, research and service development. For more information read the PPG terms of reference.

Examples of some of the resources the PPG have helped to develop include:

  • Top Tips for being a Patient (as a doctor)  - This has now been incorporated into a published book “Beneath the White Coat – Doctors, their minds and mental health” Chapter 19, Edited by Dame Clare Gerada
  • Patient information leaflets for NHS Practitioner Health
  • Stickers and posters for potential patients of the service
  • FAQ’s for patients for the service website
  • Guidance for patients joining an online therapeutic group
  • Navigation guide for health professionals dealing with a complaint or investigation

The Patient Participation Group usually meets from 6pm on the third Thursday of the month for 90 minutes.

We encourage new members and if you would be interested in joining the group please call 0300 0303 300 (Monday- Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 8am-2pm) or