Wellbeing Services for Paramedics and Ambulance Staff




This page is provided in collaboration with the College of Paramedics to help you access the range of support services available for Paramedics, we will continue to update this page with other services that can help you at this time.


Even before Covid-19, paramedics have had to contend with highly stressful jobs leading to high rates of mental illness.

Issues like long hours, staff shortages and the mental demands of the job place an enormous burden on ambulance workers.

The role of the paramedic, unlike any other in the medical profession involves them working in a wide range of environments and patient populations. The average member of the public might only ever experience one maybe two traumatic situations in their lifetime whereas paramedics are exposed to distressing and traumatic events on a much more frequent basis.

Paramedics and an ambulance

As first responders paramedics have to make life or death decisions. They must comfort the seriously ill and create an air of calmness when all around are fearful and confused. They face the tragedy of premature and often violent death. They must break bad news. They must deal with dangerous situations and place themselves, literally as well as metaphorically in the front line of attack.

If you recognise any of these issues and feel like you may need some support with your mental wellbeing take a look at the range of resources below.


Guidance on managing your health

Having difficulty with your mental health is not an automatic reason to self-refer to HCPC. You are able to use your professional judgement to make an informed and reasoned decision about whether your health condition affects your ability to practise safely and effectively. Adverse physical or mental health only becomes a regulatory issue if it is not being managed appropriately and consequently poses a risk to patients.

The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC)

At The Ambulance Staff Charity (TASC), we’re passionate about caring for the mental, physical and financial wellbeing of those who care for us. Because they care, we care. Supporting the ambulance community during times of need.

The Ambulance Staff Charity