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All the Royal College websites have a signposting page on their site for members in difficulty. The pages generally cite some of the doctor specific national services mentioned in this document and more general services such as AA, NA, Samaritans etc.


Royal College of Psychiatry

Psychiatrists support service

A free, confidential support and advice service for members, trainee members and associates of the Royal College of Psychiatrists who find themselves in difficulty or in need of support personally or professionally. It is a dedicated phone helpline, where calls are kept separate from the main College phone line.

Contact: 020 7245 0412

  • They offer a coaching and mentoring service
  • StartWell - a support initiative for psychiatrists during their first five years as a Consultant or Locum Consultant – led by other Consultants  The initiative focuses on six elements to support people in their first consultant role, enabling people to establish good habits that they can continue throughout their career. These elements are: career development, making connections, continuous learning, using support effectively, clinical leadership and personal resilience.
  • They also have e-learning CPD modules on managing stress

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

A toolkit has been created about bullying and undermining in the workplace in collaboration with the Royal College of Midwives. There is a specific section on resilience in this toolkit. Since August 2016 it is mandatory for all trainees to have resilience training as part of their core competencies. In order to move onto ST4 they must have completed a resilience training, step up course or equivalent as part of their module 10.

Contact: 020 7772 6203

Workplace Behaviour Toolkit


Royal College of Surgeons

Confidential Support and advice services for surgeons (CSAS) - A confidential telephone line as a point of personal contact between surgeons, which is intended to offer a listening ear and act as an informed signpost to appropriate sources of advice and support.

Contact: 020 7869 6221

Royal College of Surgeons


Royal College of GPs

Currently looking at exploring well-being amongst GPs and launching a #GP5ADAY campaign. Their academic trainee chair, Dr Duncan Shrewsbury is currently working with PHP (Dr Sathanandan) to think of ways of collaborating and in particular looking at using patient voices videos to create material for GPs.

Royal College of GPs


Royal College of Emergency Medicine

In the process of developing wellbeing tracks as part of their learning events.

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine


Royal College of Physicians

Have appointed a medical careers office, Dr Hina Pattini, who is investigating ways to best support their trainees and members. They are interested in working with PH to promote physician health at some of their events (under way).

Royal College of Physicians


Royal College of Paediatricians

They had a resilience training workshop for their trainees last year which was received well. They are considering developing this further.