Wellbeing Services for Nurses




Even before Covid-19, nurses have had to contend with highly stressful jobs leading to high rates of mental illness.

Nurses work in a range of settings, with high levels of individual responsibility and are often the primary contact for the patient and relatives, coordinating care and providing compassion at difficult times. Many nurses report high levels of stress and almost one quarter of sickness absence for nursing staff is due to anxiety, stress, depression, or other psychiatric illness. The level of suicidality in nurses is also estimated to be around 23% higher than the national average, with female nurses particularly affected.

A nurse

If you are affected by suicidal thoughts please contact The Samaritans by calling 116 123 or our crisis text service – Text Frontline to 85258.

One in five nurses are understood to come from BAME backgrounds, a group that has been particularly hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and this will have placed additional stress on the workforce, with many having been exposed to the virus and potentially lost friends or family as a result of the illness.

Outside of the workplace, nurses may be exposed to financial pressures and worries where partners have been unable to work, which may also lead to relationship difficulties. A report by the Cavell Trust in 2019 found that not only are nurses twice as likely to suffer financial hardship, but nurses are three times more likely to face domestic abuse than the public.



If you recognise any of these issues and feel like you may need some support with your mental wellbeing take a look at the range of resources below.

Royal College of Nursing

RCN members can contact on 0345 772 6100, between 08:30-20:30, 365 days a year and covers a range of issues including wellbeing, money and housing.

Get Help - Royal College of Nursing

NMC Careline

For nurses undergoing regulatory investigations the NMC provides a 24/7 helpline with access to trained counsellors.

Call 0800 587 7396

Careline - Nursing & Midwifery Council

With You in Mind

Consultations in Crisis is a service offering support sessions to NHS and Social Care staff. Whether about professional or personal matters, or your situation at work, we want to do what we can to help and we hope that the opportunity to talk may offer some relief and support. We can also support reflective practice activities.

With You in Mind - Institute of Psychoanalysis

You Okay, Nurse? 

You Okay, Nurse? is a charity that supports nurses’ mental health and wellbeing. They offer a virtual huddle, which is a safe space for nurses to chat in a private group facilitated by an accredited therapist.

Visit their instagram for more

Nurse Lifeline

Nurse Lifeline is a registered charity that focuses on improving nurses' and midwives' mental health, emotional well-being, and resilience across the UK. We do this by providing a portfolio of unique listening services and resources 'run by nurses and midwives for nurses and midwives.' 

Nurse Lifeline