Employers and Referrers FAQs




Can PH provide a report?

Yes: PH can provide reports, however this will be with the explicit consent and approval of the practitioner-patient. PH can provide reports to employers, Trusts, or to the GMC or GDC. Normally these will be short, confirmation of fact reports.

PH does charge for reports in some circumstances. Charges are only applicable where the report request originates with a third party e.g. GMC, GDC, or a Defence Organisation. We will not charge for reports where the cost would be incurred by the practitioner patient.

All report fees are reinvested in PH for service development or the improvement of existing services for practitioner-patients.

Please contact the office for details of report fees or visit our Report Fee Schedule page.

Occasionally you may be asked to provide a report or letter for issues outside of clinical care/ability to work e.g. letters for gyms, housing, schools. Our normal practice would be to decline such requests, not directly related to clinical care or ability to be at work.


What can PH offer with respect to helping a practitioner return to work?

When a practitioner is ready to return to work, PH help support this process by liaising, as appropriate, with the relevant Trust, occupational health or Deanery.

PH does not provide occupational health reports on a practitioner’s fitness to practise. We do however, with patient consent, provide reports summarising the health issues, treatment and prognosis.

PH can also help signpost practitioners to coaching, mentoring or career counselling.


Not a doctor or dentist?

The services below offer support for nurses and pharmacists.


Pharmacists Support is an independent charity working for pharmacists and their families and pharmacy students to provide help and support in times of need.

Pharmacist Support


The following offer support services to its members: